Thursday, 15 May 2014

Shiten Successes Successfully Secures Sponsorship Scoop

They say that “Success breeds Success” and I’m sure that our 2 new exciting Club Sponsors will be hoping that Shiten’s meteoric, and highly surprising, success in 2014 will rub off on these 2 fledgling Bonsai businesses.

Firstly, we are proud to announce that an agreement has been reached between SBS and an up and coming UK ceramic artist, Stone Monkey Ceramics that will see them support each other’s projects and work in collaboration together for an unspecified duration.  Exact contract details at this moment are sketchy but this is seen as an excellent opportunity for SMC to be associated with such an exciting and hunger driven Club.  It was put forward that ALL Shiten trees should be displayed in Stone Monkey pots and maybe this will be looked at again as and when they achieve a high enough standard.*

Secondly, serial second-rate supplier SUTEKI! has agreed to supply all Shiten’s pot (ceramic not organic!) and Accent plantings for Club displays.  Seen by many in the Bonsai world as a highly risky move we at Shiten feel that we are an inclusive Club and keen to nurture home grown, if wayward, talent.  Their work will be closely monitored and SBS hope that under their guidance SUTEKI! will improve to an acceptable standard within the UK although we fully understand they will never make an international contribution to the Bonsai scene as a whole.

(*Although some success has been attained using SMC containers it was agreed that the “sai” transcended the “bon” in all cases)

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Successfully Shiten Society Show Steady Swelling

Interest in the SBS seems to be growing within the UK Bonsai Community and so far since the launch we have seen a 50% increase in membership numbers which in this current climate is excellent!  One of our latest recruits is a local lad who’s been pottering around with sticks in pots for a few years and seems like a nice bloke (not too sure about the beard though) and it has been agreed that he can join us for a probationary period.  

I’m not too sure how well he is known outside of the area but I’d like to formally welcome Andy Parsons, Peanut, Pearson (whatever his name is!) to the Shiten Squad and hope that he enjoys the journey that this Society is taking and he knows how to make a good cuppa tea!