Thursday, 14 August 2014

Shoddy Second-rate Southern Slacker SUTEKI’s Surprisingly Satisfactory Showing!

It has been noticed in some circles (especially amongst the Committee) that a certain probationary member is spending more time on “his own projects” (like his potato, sorry, patio) and not embracing the Shiten ethos of sharing our fantastic hobby, and trees, with the great unwashed. If he does not learn the “Shiten Way” then we could be sending for the Blacksmith! 

A long time ago (well, it seems it) in a Hall far, far away Shiten’s second string substitute Simon was on a mission to uphold the honour of SUTEKI by displaying a formal composition at the internationally recognised Magical Bonsai Accent Show. The Committee were delighted (OK, totally gob-smacked) that he even was allowed entry into the event let alone display his somewhat dodgy pots and plantings. His plan was to have a mixed display of plants as well as pots to help disguise his lack of ability. Ever the crafty little so and so he displayed pots from all over the world which left little room (thankfully) for his attempts at making clay containers*. Below are some pictures of his display and you can all play “Where’s (the) Wally’s (pots!)” 

Despite our student’s best efforts the Show, once again, was fantastic with an interesting mixture of pots, plants and imaginative displays. The standard gets better year on year (a bit difficult as it’s held every other year but you get the point) with the “bar” being raised even higher which is great for the hobby. I’m sure that the next event will be even better although a better vetting process of applicants might help sort the wheat from the chaff (that’s “chaff” Baddeley, not “chafe”). 

Even though poor Simon tried really, really hard to disguise his shoddy workmanship with rampant foliage, “proper” pots and pretty flowers the SBS’s verdict has to be a “must try harder” even though it does seem that his work (thankfully) didn’t detract from the wonderful event. 

(*We have been on to the Oxford English Dictionary to see if his work can “legally” be described as a “pot” and are awaiting a clarification)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Shiten's Stonemonkey Shows Southend Society Some Sexy Shapes!

Southend Bonsai Society (in their wisdom!) invited Shiten's Mr Stonemonkey to demonstrate his pot making skills at their annual show at the Bushukan Bonsai nursery. During the day he displayed his world renowned talents and threw a few shapes* on the wheel as well as Shohin, sorry showing, how to construct a slab pot.

As this was the first time since he joined Shiten that he had been invited to present on his own the elder of the group went along to make sure the low standards of Shiten were not breached. I am happy to report that Mr Stonemonkey maintained the low level that we have come to expect from our elite membership.

(* he's really down with the kids you know!)