Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Secret Shiten Spy Snaps Surprise SUTEKI Shots

It seems that the wise words of Sensei Storey seem to have inspired/frightened serial slacker Simon into action. As can be seen above he is once again attempting to plumb even lower Shiten depths of achievement and this should be applauded by the Club. It is understood that these “containers” should break cover later next month and we are very hopeful that his latest collection will take Shiten Bonsai to the next level!

Unfortunately, it seems that some members of our esteemed Club are joining Simon in not following the “Shiten Way” and it seems that Balddylocks could have a busy few weeks ahead of him converting some of our later recruits, who should feel honoured to be in such company, back to “The Daft Side” as confused of the Bonsai they seem!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Spanglish Speaking Styling Superstar "Sam's" Societies Selection/Sponsorship Stuns Shiten's Seniors (Simon, Stonemonkey & Storey)

The recent invitation from the Federation of British Bonsai Societies has shocked and saddened the senior members of Shiten Bonsai. On one hand we are proud that our Sam(Jose) has been invited to represent British Bonsai as the new talent at the EBA event in Lithuania in September 2015. On the other hand it brings into disrepute Shiten's standing in the bonsai community, we as a society have strived to maintain low standards. And now we have a member who has the potential to be a star styler of bonsai. This of course could result in us rescinding his membership of Shiten.

The benefits of his early selection provide an opportunity for the Shiten members to influence his styling approach and also give us 12 months to try enrol him on elocution lessons so that he can try to speak English properly like wot the rest of us do!!