Thursday, 11 June 2015

Shiten’s Sexy Second String Slingers Secret Screen Sirens?

Our “Demented Duo” seems to be in high demand these days, and not by the rozzers for a change, but exciting news is reaching us at Shiten Central about our Gullible Golems.  Rumours began to circulate last week that the Clay Crusaders were looking to expand the marketing arm of their empire but nothing could prepare us for the Press Release that hit our inbox earlier today.

The Press Release reads:-

“We can now confirm that Stone Monkey Ceramics & SUTEKI Accents have joined forces with top fetish Couture House Ange Stunners to produce their latest rage of Caps, Capes, T-Shirts, Utility and Suspender Belts.  It is with great pleasure that Andrew (SMC) and Simon (SUTEKI) were happy to join our ever growing list of A-List clients and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together”.

It continues:-

“……… with Ange being an ex-madam in Vegas starting her Fetish Empire from Swap-Meets and Country Fairs she can relate to what the Clay Crusaders have  and are looking to achieve.  She has been watching these guys (through binoculars) for some time and felt that their style and individuality went well with our business model and she can’t wait to get on top of them”.

This is a really exciting and unique opportunity for the Mud Slingers to make their brands totally global and comes on the back of confirmation that a film adaptation of their book “50 Shades of Clay” will be released later this year.  Due for an October release in Bury, England, it will go up against Simon Jones’s “50 Shade of Gay” and Will “Wood Nibbler” Baddeley’s equally worrying “50 Shades of Hay” at the Bonsai Europa Film Festival hosted by renowned critic Tiny Tickle.

Exciting times indeed for Ceramic and Bonsai alike in the Shire of Shiten – could it be Hollywood “come a’knocking” next time?