Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wonderful Wisley weekend with Sutton Society Show

Part of MBS's display
Just got back from another Shiten Society road trip where half of the society, the disabled one, participated on displaying some trees with Maidstone Bonsai Society.

The show organised by Andy Jordan and his crew from Sutton was well presented on one on Britain homes of horticulture, Wisley.  The venue itself was pleasant and no too far for the crippled to hobble to get their caffeine and cake fix, although mortgages were needed to purchase a "free range" sausage, I am told battery sausages can be hazardous to the health!

The quality of trees was excellent and in the main well presented, however it was disappointing to see trees presented by one professional to be less than PC.  I could be wrong but maybe he was trying to show what trees looked like before being prepared for display, i.e. dirty pots, bad wiring, dusty tables and not properly mossed up, there was some moss but that was there by accident rather than by planning!!!  

Dave's lovely Olive
Some flowering trees did behave themselves!
However this lack of preparation by one individual and lack of respect to the rest of the contributors was more than made up by the effort put in by the rest of the societies and individuals at the show.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
I had an enjoyable weekend catching up lots of the bonsai community and in some ways it compensated for me missing Swindon, I had an appointment with the surgeons knife on that day.

On the second day I was joined by the other half of Shiten who decided to grace us with his presence so a sense of normality was restored on the journey to and from Wisley where I was able to educate him on the finer points of bonsai display! I have to say the Maidstone display area looked good with a range of mature, well presented trees showing a wide range of species, sizes and styles, well done lads.

Another thing that annoyed me was my Blackthorn, I had thought that at least one flower would have opened during the show but the obstinate thing waited till after the Show closed before it opened, the Show closed at 4pm and when we got back to Lenham at 5pm there it was fully open bl@@&y thing!

Left:- At the end of the Show   Right:- Arrival at Lenham!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Shiten Summer Scroll Secures Scousers Silverware

Seen by some in the UK Bonsai community as self-centred, string-pulling and self-indulgent SOB’s Shiten had a fruitful collaboration between themselves and Wirral Bonsai Clubs to win the Most Artistic Display award at the BSA Show at Willowbog. During a conversation between Jack-o-Storey and the tree owner along with UK Accent Guru Simon “SUTEKI” Haddon we helped the newcomers at the Wirral to understand the finer details on Bonsai display. This resulted in us being involved in another “gong” which was rather flattering. 

After the awards Shiten Bonsai approached the Wirral Chairman and offered to do a talk at their Club in the art of Bonsai Display but we were politely instructed to “jog-on” – “calm down” guys! You may also be interested to note that we are also available for weddings, funerals & barmisfars.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Saturday Shock: Shiten Southern Softies Somehow Secures Surprise Shohin Show Successes!

As probably the smallest Bonsai Society in the Country with only 1 active member (the other one has a bad knee) it came as a real surprise that it scooped any Awards at the UK’s premier Shohin Show let alone 3. Going against our usual Shiten standards seemed to pay off although I’m sure that normal service will be resumed soon! So here they are (in presentation order),

Best Work in Progress

Best Tree and Pot Combination
(pot by Shiten sympathiser Stone Monkey Ceramics

Best Mame Display 

No doubt drunk on our success our Society nearly had a James Dean moment, caused by a pheasant disguised as a log, as we hit a patch of mud a skidded sideways along what is laughingly know as a “road” in Northumberland. Not content with doing it once the silly old fart had another go this time without the pheasant – Shiten Society Scared Shitless (in) Suicidal Skid Shock! 

Finally the Chairman would like to congratulate ALL Shiten members on putting together such fantastic displays and hopes that this success will help elevate the Club’s standing in UK Bonsai.