Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sulky Shiten Simon’s Subtle Solutions Seriously Surprise Some at Sunny Sutton Show

After a late Winter “burn-out break” the Shiten Massive were once again in full effect but this time helping to “pollute” the sterling efforts of the Maidstone Bonsai Society.  With their MBS hats on the Shiten Show Tarts Simon & Storey were helping to organise the Clubs display at the wonderful RHS Wisley gardens.  This was the second time that the Maidstone Club had been invited to attend but the first time that Simon had had any involvement with it.  As many of you know Simon can be a bit OCD about the layout of our Club displays having had the odd “hissy fit” in the past which could have really opened up a can of worms but fortunately his pacifier, a large bottle of Shiraz with a specially adapted teat, was not needed this time and all the toys did stay in the pram.  He seemed to be really enjoying his role as Show Dictator, sorry, Director that was until the “Bald Head of the Law” failed to arrive on time.  Pacing up and down the aisles like he was doing an audition for the Ministry of Silly Walks we did notice that the dummy was getting ready for lift off but eventually Plod arrived and tranquillity was once again upon us.

Fortunately, despite their best efforts, the 2 little shites didn’t manage to derail the fine efforts of MBS members and drag the overall display down to their level although the little tinkers did have the last laugh.  There, right under everyone’s noses, evolved a truly untouched Shiten display which to this day I think has still gone unnoticed!

Tree by Grandpa, Pot by Monkey Man,
Accent and pot by Frog Boy
The phrase “best behaviour” has a different meaning to Shiten Members but as they were representing “Club not Country” the guys thought that they best try to conform.  Simon tried really, really hard to “look normal” but it seems to no avail as a sharp eyed and inquisitive Surry Heath Club member approached us and asked “are you Shiten?”  That’s it, we were rumbled, and had to come clean about our sins in relation to UK Bonsai but surprisingly this chap seemed unafraid.  Maybe there are more disciples out there following the Shiten Way than we realised which is both pleasing and worrying in equal measure!

More trees from the Club display