Friday, 18 September 2015

Spanglish Speaking Shiten Sam’s Summer Sojourn – EBA 2015 (‘E’s Bloody Awesome!)

Sincerest apologies to our many, many followers for the lack of updates of late but the sarcastic Shiten scribe has been too busy “Slop-Slinging” and also has a bad shoulder (well we all know what causes that don’t we!) but he has now been kicked up the arse for his lack of witty words.  Never ones to miss and opportunity for self-gratification, here’s our latest, and possibly, most important news of late.

As many of you out there in Bonsai-Land are aware, Spanglish Speaking Shiten Sam was this year’s UK representative for the European New Talent contest in Lithuania.  Packed off by Maidstone Bonsai Society with Plenty beer vouchers and ably chaperoned by Shiten Supporter and sometimes stalker Alex (aka Mai Bonsai) it was “adios” UK and “olla” to the unknown.  Generously Alex had agreed to be Shiten’s eyes and ears for the event just a shame that the rest of us couldn’t sample the food and beer that was on hand and looked very tasty.  With regular reports back to Shiten Central, by the wonders on the interwebby-net thingy, excitement began to build waiting for the main event, the contest itself.

Time for a quick recap – Jose first came to the attention of the MBS at the Celebrating Kent Bonsai event that some numskull organised back in 2012.  He showed very good taste by purchasing a Stone Monkey pot on his visit so he was always gunna be a star!  Stalwart, and latterly Chairman of the MBS (after a “hissy-fit” from Suteki Simon), Jose’s easy going, fun and open nature endears him to so many people and I know that there were many people wishing him well from around the UK but he will always be “Our Sam”.  Fast forward 3 short years and with the help and guidance of many of the UK’s top talents (Kevin Wilson, Peter Warren, Harry Harrington, Grandpas Les to name a few) along with his immense natural talent we knew it wouldn’t be long before his star began to shine.

Meanwhile, back in Lithuania …………………………………………………….
With the trees allocated to the contestants it was time to Rock’n’Roll with the eyes of the audience upon the National New Talent winners from across Europe.  Early reports via the web-feed was that “Jose’s banging it!” which was great news to his UK supporters and we were all hopeful of a good result.  Due to a technical hitch our reporter went dark so all news, good or ill, wasn’t filtering through to the news room.  This reporter thinks that Alex found his pot addiction too strong and went shopping when he should have been supporting but this can neither be confirmed nor denied!

Many long and artistic hours later the results began to filter through – not all bad but not as good as we had hoped for our Spanglish Samurai.  Unfortunately, Jose’s tree didn’t make the Top 3 but it was in the Top 5 with excellent feedback from the Judges regarding his wiring and branch placement although it was only the apex that let the tree down.  Judging from the photos online, the competition looked tough, so a Top 5 finish is excellent although, no doubt, disappointing.  Lessons hard learned are always the best education my friend!

So, Congratulations Jose from all your Shiten Supporters from around the World and next stop Bonsai Europa where I’m sure that you will have a great time and produce a beautiful tree – I can’t wait to see you there!