Thursday, 17 October 2013

What’s in a name?

Shiten, (pronounced sch ten) means "branch" of a bank or group of shops, as we are branching off from mainstream clubs we thought this word was appropriate.  Also the anglicised spelling of the word gives any detractors an opportunity to say that we both, and our trees, live up to our name!

Since the “launch” of the SBS there has been some interesting alternative names being bandied about, here’s just a few:-

Secret Bonsai Society
Special Bald Squadron
Stupid Bloody Slackers
Storey Bashes Simon
Secret Bonsai Squirrels
Silly Buggers Society

…………. and the most convoluted,
Simon Haddon's Impeccable Tree ENsemble

Seems like some are having too much fun at our expense but what the hey, you only live once (although the evil one’s tend to live forever!)

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