Monday, 21 July 2014

Surprise Shiten Selection Shocks & Stuns Spanglish Superstar Sam!

Not a statement that you would normally associate with us but Shiten is fast becoming a truly International Society and it is with the greatest of pleasure that I announce our very first “Overseas” Member Jose aka “Sam” out of Spain via Paris and latterly Lundon. Many people may know him as one of the finalists of last year’s UK New Talent Contest (as well as Chairman of Maidstone Bonsai Society) although this fact didn’t go entirely against him!

His selection was secured on a probationary period at his interview on Saturday night that Andy decided to hi-jack as his “Six Stags Salute Shiten's Stonemonkeys Single Status, Swigging Shots, Sparkling Shandy, Scoffing Seafood, Salad, Steak & Spaghetti” Stag Party. Heated debate about his credentials ensued (plus his use of the English language) and it was agreed, well that’s that last thing I remember, that as long as he upheld the ethos of the SBS and didn’t try and convert the members to actually “giving a toss” about Bonsai then he would be considered. His position within the Society will be monitored closely by the Committee (if they ever sober up!)

Welcome to the fold young Padawan but please note Sam, the Membership fees payable to Grandpa Les are still outstanding although the rest of the Committee are still suffering with the effects of your “payment”!

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  1. What can I say .... is a shit honour play with trees amongst a mad bunch of guys like you ...... on a serious note , I will arrange a delivery of the finest coffe to grandpa on my next live...
    Yes, that's all about , play and have some fun ,may I enjoy !