Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Shiten Summer Scroll Secures Scousers Silverware

Seen by some in the UK Bonsai community as self-centred, string-pulling and self-indulgent SOB’s Shiten had a fruitful collaboration between themselves and Wirral Bonsai Clubs to win the Most Artistic Display award at the BSA Show at Willowbog. During a conversation between Jack-o-Storey and the tree owner along with UK Accent Guru Simon “SUTEKI” Haddon we helped the newcomers at the Wirral to understand the finer details on Bonsai display. This resulted in us being involved in another “gong” which was rather flattering. 

After the awards Shiten Bonsai approached the Wirral Chairman and offered to do a talk at their Club in the art of Bonsai Display but we were politely instructed to “jog-on” – “calm down” guys! You may also be interested to note that we are also available for weddings, funerals & barmisfars.

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  1. We need to see more collaboration boys