Monday, 10 March 2014

Saturday Shock: Shiten Southern Softies Somehow Secures Surprise Shohin Show Successes!

As probably the smallest Bonsai Society in the Country with only 1 active member (the other one has a bad knee) it came as a real surprise that it scooped any Awards at the UK’s premier Shohin Show let alone 3. Going against our usual Shiten standards seemed to pay off although I’m sure that normal service will be resumed soon! So here they are (in presentation order),

Best Work in Progress

Best Tree and Pot Combination
(pot by Shiten sympathiser Stone Monkey Ceramics

Best Mame Display 

No doubt drunk on our success our Society nearly had a James Dean moment, caused by a pheasant disguised as a log, as we hit a patch of mud a skidded sideways along what is laughingly know as a “road” in Northumberland. Not content with doing it once the silly old fart had another go this time without the pheasant – Shiten Society Scared Shitless (in) Suicidal Skid Shock! 

Finally the Chairman would like to congratulate ALL Shiten members on putting together such fantastic displays and hopes that this success will help elevate the Club’s standing in UK Bonsai.


  1. Well done fella me lad. Love that Stag Beetle pot by the way and the tongue in cheek name. Good for you.

  2. Well deserved Simon and not a pile of Shite(n) for a change. Seriously well done and congrats to the one and a half of you. Les look at what happened to Schmacher, be careful out there and watch out for disguised pheasants. Oh and good choice of pot Les ;-)

  3. Well done Shiten.
    I like the mame privet, it's gonna be really nice in a year or so.