Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Shiten’s Super Second Showing Surprises Some Sceptics – Stonemonkey Shuns, Spanglish Sam & Seymour’s Substitute.

It was a great privilege for Shiten to get a second invitation to the Heathrow Bonsai Show which is fast becoming seen as the UK’s “season closing show” – not a bad accolade to have.  Due to its increased popularity the Show changed venues this year allowing more Clubs, individuals and traders to be include – the result? FANTASTIC!  Although Shiten has “Ten” in it it does seem to have the correct prefix as Stone Monkey was again absent from this event seeming to concentrate all his efforts on some tin pot Japanese Show next year.  Never mind, negotiations are at an advanced stage to bring another Shiten supplier on board – watch this space!

Much praise has been given to Mark, Ming and there willing group of organisers, and rightly so, and full 2sensible reports can be found elsewhere on t’internet so we won’t go over old ground.  All we will say is one of their trader choices was a bit “suspect” we must say although he didn’t come in fancy dress which was a bonus.  A WARNING to all Show organisers – BE CAREFUL this man is a menace!

 Photo courtesy of WPC S.Mckee
Die Haddon!
Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good news as Triple S (Storey’s Shiten Security – Southern Division) had to be on full alert after unwarranted death threats towards Shiten Senior Simon from Shiten’s Shropshire Stalker.  A seemingly pleasant young lady on first impressions, although unfortunately being afflicted with humour induced incontinence, it seems that the darker side of being a Stalker of the Stars is beginning to be seen - the Bonsai Authorities have been put on standby just in case!  It also seems that Crimewatch might also need notification as well as BOBO vagabond Will Baddeley was caught on surveillance robbing the food vending stall with a “cheeky chappy” grin for the camera.  I didn’t go much on his disguise however for such an undercover operation being resplendent in his bright red “uniform” – very fetching young fella m’lad! 
 (not that I can say much based on my dress sense!)

They say to finish on a positive, much, much better than one of Les’s songs(!), so congratulations to EVERYONE involved and associated with the Show (and that does include you Haddon!) as it was relaxed and totally enjoyable.  Well done again.  Next year’s event can’t come quick enough for the SBS as it will be interesting to see how many UK Bonsaists start to follow the Shiten Way!


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