Thursday, 19 November 2015

Shiten Pouge’s Gallery Pt.3

Name: Andy Pearson
AKA: Monkey Man (Clay Crusader)
Position: Shiten Ceramic Sensai
Status: Making Pots
Claim to Fame: Beating the Japanese at their own game!

Slip slinging ceramicist Andy first came to prominence in the early noughties with his “eats meets west” style but over the pasta few years he’s had the lasagna laugh as he’s fast become the UK’s premier Shohin Slingler.

Since his self imposed sabbatical Andy has sometimes wandered from the path of TRUE Shtienisum but he’s been doing his penance, and a few bloody marys, with his co-creation of the laughably lame Suteki Ceramics and anyone who has worked with Simon for any length of time will tell you he could try the patience of a saint!

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