Thursday, 19 November 2015

Shiten Pouge’s Gallery

As part of our Outreach and Chaos in the Community Programs we have been advised that it would be prudent to share our member’s profiles so that you all know who the hell to avoid if approached by a stranger - and you don’t get any stranger than this bunch!

So to start us off we have the biggest shite in the Club and chief instigator of misinformation and chaos the one and only………………………………….

Name: Simon Hadnone
AKA: Frog Boy (Clay Crusader)
Position: Shiten Dictator & sometime Shiten Scribe
Status: Sober
Claim to Fame: Escaping Bury alive on a Saturday night in the outfit he wore to Europa

He was working as a waitress in an erotic cocktail bar when we met him,
but even then we knew that Bonsai would be a more Shiten place,
especially as his trees are poo. 
Will picked him out, and shook him up, and tried to turned him around,
and tried to make his trees less poo!

Now five minutes later on you've got deadwood at your feet,
being Shiten has come so easy for you,
but don't forget it's Will who’s put you where you are now,
and FINALLY made your trees less poo.

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