Thursday, 11 August 2016

Shiten Pouge’s Gallery Pt.7

Name: Will Baddeley
AKA: Woodnibbler
Position: Artistic Dictator
Status: Covered in Sawdust
Claim to Fame: Displaying a "dead" tree at Gingko

Hedge poaching ex-chorister Will’s rise to Artistic Dictator was seen by some as “sudden” but he had been on our radar for some time. The Suffolk Spectacled Shite’s speciality is making deadwood look, well, dead, and we thought that this would be advantageous due to the rate that Les kills trees, especially Yews. Since the Balding Bearded Bonsaist joined our ranks standards have continued to plummet so it seems that his longer term membership, and leadership, should continue to help us sink to even deeper depths of shite!

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