Thursday, 18 August 2016

Shiten Pouge's Gallery Pt.8

Name: Dougie Mudd
AKA: Fingers
Position: Shiten Coffin Maker
Status: Having a snooze
Claim to Fame: Still being able to count to ten without taking his socks off!

Some people say that they would give their right arm to be a member of the SBS but this man NEARLY did do it – bloody attention seeker!  More Chip’n’board than Chippendale this prover of the ply and master of MDF can knock up a fair orange box so thought that he’d try his hand at bonsai stand making.  He soon became a Shiten supplier, we do like a bit of marine ply us, and was granted membership after his tantrum after NOT being mentioned in despatches after the Noelanders Shiten Display of 2016 – what a big girls blouse!

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