Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sceptics Surprise at Successful Shiten Securing Second Season

Look who’s 1 today! Although it was an uncomfortable pregnancy and a painful birth we made sure that by hook or by crook we arrived on time so as not to let Mark & Ming down at their wonderful Heathrow Bonsai Show in 2013. Although let down by Emperor Baldytine (possibly suffering from post-pregnancy blues), Simon and “Shiten Sam” (on loan from the MBS at the time) flew the flag that marked the start of the Shiten Revolution!

The arrival of the SBS wasn’t all plane sailing and although a slight departure from the norm it has proved a runway success. We seem to have “struck a chord” within the Bonsai Community in general and of late the gates have opened with many International and Domestic arrivals checking in on our Facebook page. Although there have been delays and cancelations along the way we have stayed on course and true to our flight plan which in these turbulent times for the hobby is a real achievement. Starting with what could have been an aborted take-off, cruising to success on far away shores and keeping our passengers amused with their in-flight entertainment Captain Cranium and Stewardess Simone have piloted the SBS to new horizons in Bonsai. Who needs complimentary nuts when you have them two?

Fear not, we will not be flying high on the wings of our successes but trying harder than ever to produce trees and ceramics to our exacting and high standards whilst remaining faithful to the Shiten Way.

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