Thursday, 16 October 2014

Shiten Senior Storey Shows Scousers Some Style, Shiten's Shropshire Stalker Swoons!

As part of Shiten’s outreach teaching programme, Leader Les selflessly (or so he says) brought his wisdom, and the Shiten Way, to an unexpected audience! 
While he was on a family trip oop norf, Shiten's Chairman deigned* to visit the Wirral Bonsai Society's workshop at the Gordale Garden Centre where he was able to preach his Shiten teaching to unconverted or uninitiated in the ways of Les-o-Storey.  Unlike the radicalized clerics in the news, Sensai Storey preaches our love and passion for the trees, not trouble.  Egoless (a bit like Legolas but not quite as pretty) and cast free from his political chains he helped restore the “Inner Bonsai Karma” that many hobbyists lack these days.  Shiten from the Gob-shite, powerful voodoo indeed!
For those of you who thought that Beatle-mania was a thing of the past the Screaming Sixties were once again with us as one of Shiten's groupies from Shropshire was delighted to meet her Scouse God texting “I’ve met Shiten’s Les Storey!”  Once this poor lady’s pulse had steadied our Shiten Sensai gave her his opinion and design thoughts on a Scouse Olive that she had brought along to get advice/work on. Once the headiness of meeting her idol had worn off (about 25 seconds so I heard) it was hard at work and below is a few shots her hard at it!

*For those of you, like me, who had no idea what this word meant:-
    verb   do something that one considers to be beneath one's dignity.

All photos “kindly” robbed from Jim the Lad, WBS official photographer.

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