Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sensei Simon Shows Shiten’s Senior's at Shiten Summer Skule, & Spanglish Shef Sam Serves Spanish Specialty!

It has become very apparent of late that SOME members of the SBS have been taking the hobby a wee bit too seriously than is healthy for them but, for a sense of balance, the more senior members thought that they’d put together a workshop to see what all the fuss is about. 

Three of Shiten’s “Bonsaists” were in attendance (one of the Potters couldn’t even be bothered to make an appearance!) along with members from the Folk-e-stone Bonsai Massive and a few from Maidstone Bonsai Society. As we know Shiten’s interests within Bonsai are vast and the event was more than just trees with 2 days of fine dining* included which caused a few to want a siesta after lunch – not a bit of it though! 

Our teacher for the weekend was one of the “free spirits” of UK Bonsai, Mr Simon Temblett, and his approach to teaching was very much to the SBS mantra “laid back and with a twist of humour” and his drawings for the students were absolutely fantastic and a great reference for some of us with many, many years development of their trees to come. Plenty of banter and character assassinations took place (mainly concerning the non-attendees & Bonsai pantomime villains!) and as can be seen below we were a busy and happy little bunch. 

Once again our guest chef kept us fed and entertained but had to spoil it by producing the best tree of the weekend and rumours were circulating on the Sunday that this could well be his last outing in Shiten colours. As with many walks of life it’s the minority that spoil it for the majority and it seems that Sam is hell bent in trying to force us to his way of thinking. This is being viewed as undemocratic and borderline bullying by some members within the Club. Some are even calling for tough action, including expulsion, but this is a subject for another day.

The verdict:- It does seem that taking a slightly more “serious” approach to our hobby does have it benefits but this has to be tempered with our overall enjoyment and appropriate amount of abuse. We are not openly opposed to change but the students studying under Shiten’s Study Group need to respect the traditions of our esteemed Society. That said the SBS have invited the Suffolk Inquisitor “Blacksmith Baddeley” to our workshop next year so as they say “never say never”! 

*Special thanks must be extended to the “serious” Storey family members (as well as guests) keeping the students fed and water over the weekend – thank you ladies!

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