Friday, 9 January 2015

Selective Shiten Supporters Surprisingly Shun Society - S.H.I.T Stories Suspected

Overnight, and into the early hours, a wave of conflicting social media reports have made it very difficult to gain truly accurate information on this fast moving news story. What we can report is that some of Shiten’s loyal sponsors and supporters, including some Show Organisers, are seriously beginning to question their allegiance to the SBS. Some have even gone as far as to actively disassociate themselves with Shiten if Mr Pearson remains within the Society. This is a very serious situation for the Club and its members and will be address as a matter of urgency although this is not helped by Mr Pearson’s refusal to comment or admit that he was in breach of contract.

Mass debate
As heated exchanges raged on through the night regarding Mr Pearson’s tenure at the Club, with him being call “a disgrace” by some or even a “Shiten-stirer” by others, it appears that it is not all bad news for SMC. A small, influential and very vocal, if deluded, group of people are openly approving of his stance against what is seen by some a “Shiten suppression” and by others as bullying in the workplace. This sort of behaviour by any member of the SBS has never, or will ever, be tolerated by the Club and the overtones that this is the case “is insulting” a representative commented. “The Shiten Executive is looking into the allegations and also the way that some members with ‘special needs’ have been handed during their membership” he went on. “There is still an on-going legal case concerning copyright infringement between SMC and the SBS regarding pot production and we hope that this flagrant breach of the membership rules is not a ‘revenge attack’ to this current case”. 
Little did we know!
Tit for Tat
As tensions between both parties increased rumours surfaced of a splinter of the splinter group arising nicknamed “Good-Ten”. Mr Pearson, ex-army and a trained killer, reportedly ranted to a fellow Shiten member “Your trees with my pots – WE’LL BLOODY SHOW ‘EM!”. No doubt drunk on his own success, and no doubt still sobering up in some gutter somewhere, his threats were taken seriously although he later retracted some, if not all, of his comments. It is understood that he had been training some female assassins for some selective hits of senior Shiten members but this has never been substantiated. Surprisingly there was one very interesting offer of support following his outburst. This came from the residents of the Wirral, who are no doubt still reeling from the news of losing Stevie G to the Yanks, offering to take in any Shiten refugees that might be affected. Each refugee will be issued with a new identity, passport, shell suit (choice of colours) and a complimentary perm!

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