Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Shock Shiten Supporter Santa’s Super Seasonal Surprises

When not banging away with the Elves in the Workshop, plying Rudolf with enough booze to give him a nice “Ferguson” or surfing the t’internet for “gifts for the boys” (or that’s what he tells Mrs Claus) it seems that he likes Bonsai – Shiten Bonsai! Santa, or Mr Claus if you are on his naughty list, is a kind soul and although Simon is a true “ba humbug” when it comes to the Festive Season (which doesn’t make him a bad person BTW) it seems, like God, Santa loves a trier so he left him a super sack full of surprises in his stocking this year. In case you are wondering, yes, Simon did remember to take his stockings off on Xmas Eve! 

“A bad workman always blames his tools” or so they say and with others within the Club moving on with the hobby it seems that it was time to replace the tools (no, not the other Shiten members!) and Simon was not disappointed. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:- 

1. Scissors Tired of the stainless Japanese tools, why not try these babies out? 
Simon was lucky enough to get both versions available which have been hand finished by a colour blind Baboon in striking Shohin colours. No more getting mixed up with inferior products at Workshops! 

2. Wire Thinking of “going pro” then this is the Copper wire for you! 
With the copper coloured Aluminium-num-a-num (do doo be-do-do) being sooooooo old hat it was time to move over to the far superior Copper wire. This “3-in-1” coil with pre covered coils to cushion the branches (Red for Evergreens and Black for Deciduous) was a real surprise and promises better value than your current wire! 

3. Pots Tight for space and never sure what glazes you want, how’s this for a solution? 
With Stone Monkey Ceramics being oh so 2014, Simon was delighted to receive this set of nesting post from new supplier to the hobby Air-Fix. Neat rectangular pots (are you listening Andy?) which will be perfect for re-potting your trees into after you’ve wasted the obligatory 7 years and best of all you can paint them the colour you want. None of this picking a glaze and waiting months for it to cook and you can also change the pot colour seasonally without having to re-pot – Brilliant! 

A selection of the new tools Simon received!
Will's Workshops always
start with an eye exam!
We understand that Simon is very excited to try out the above items, along with the rest of the tools that Santa left him, when he goes to see Bonsai Europa Ambassador (there better be some Ferrero Rocher for after the curry & poppadums’ Badders!) and fellow “Shrubbery Lover” - Will “The Blacksmith” Baddeley. 

Keep your hands of my Precious young Badders m'lad or there will be trouble! 

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